Why Join YCP?

Composing can be quite an isolated task at times and there are few opportunities for young composers to get high level support and to meet other like minded musicians. We encourage the young people to find their own musical voice by giving them freedom to be creative whilst offering support and advice along the way. See and hear what our previous composers have created go to Youtube and Soundcloud.


Our Aims:

Here at YCP we believe creativity and self-expression is a right for all. We aim to:

  1. Create a community for young people to share their musical ideas and experiences together regardless of background, in an open and creative environment
  2. Offer helpful guidance and regular tailored support to help students progress in all styles of music
  3. Allow young people to experience professional composing practices, developing key musical and creative skills from those in the industry
  4. Provide long-term composing support as well as the opportunity to experience life at a music conservatoire


Young Composers Project gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music FoundationBirmingham Conservatoire and the Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Birmingham City University