All our composing projects are FREE! (whoop whoop!)

Full Composing Scheme 2017-2018:


  • During the year you will have access to:
    • One to one composing mentoring by Conservatoire composers
    • Visiting guest professional composers and songwriters
    • Your music and ideas performed live with instant feedback
  • For ages 14-18 (we accept composers aged 18/19 only if you are taking re-sits or a gap year, we can not offer a place to those continuing study at higher education or full-time employment)
  • Some past experience of creating your own music is recommended (including through improvisation, songwriting, sequencing software programmes such as logic, or Western classical notation)
  • Meetings are at Birmingham Conservatoire, 200 Jennens Rd, B4 7XR

For more info read our pack: YCP info pack 2017-2018

The Creative Weekends:

These take place at various points in the year and are for a larger group of students (ages 11-18) to work with musicians and composers at the Conservatoire. Unfortunately due to various reasons we can not hold a YCP Weekend this summer but we hope to be back up and running when the new Conservatoire Building is ready in September!

Past Creative Weekends include:

  • New Voices – Composing for voice and choir using improvisatiYCP 2015-2016 session 03-22on
  • Composing for media – using Logic Pro
  • Songwriting
  • Composing for ensemble


 School Visits:

We have a dedicated team of composers trained to visit schools to deliver composing workshops with a Conservatoire instrumentalist. If you would like us to visit please contact us at or use the contact form below.

Private Composing and Theory Tuition:

Birmingham Conservatoire have one of the largest composing departments in the UK. If you would like to receive composing tuition from a student or a consultation lessons from a Conservatoire tutor please contact us. If you are considering studying at the Conservatoire in the future get in touch with Joe Cutler:

YCP 2015-2016 session 01-95

Contact use here for more info: