The YCP Family:

Kirsty Devaney – Founder

 Role at YCP?
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I set YCP up when I left the Conservatoire in 2013. I wanted to create a place that young music creators could come to experiment and explore new ideas of any musical genre, in an environment that was supportive and welcoming.

How did you get into composing?

I started arranging music for local music groups and friends before composing my own. This lead onto composing my own music during GCSE and A-Level composing.  

What do you enjoy composing?

A lot of my composing work involves composing with and for specific people, including young and non-professional ensembles. I love the interaction with performers and creating music specifically for them. I enjoy creating unique soundworlds through experimenting with timbre and texture, as well as including aspects of freedom and improvisation in my music.  

Minifact: I have a phobia of red jelly…


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Regular Visiting Musicians & Composers

Joe Cutler – Head of Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire 

Joe Cutler

Role at YCP?

Joe visits each a year to talk to the students about studying composition at Higher Education and what to expect in a composition interview and studying at a music Conservatoire. 

How did you get into composing?

Initially I just distracted myself with doodling in the violin and piano when  I should have been practising, and that developed into composing actual piece. Then at University I really began to take it seriously.

What do you love about composing?

I love the moment when a piece you’ve been struggling with, suddenly clicks into place!

Peter Bell


Role at YCP: 

Peter was a mentor for 2 years and is now our electronics master! He will be coming back to YCP leading an intro session on electronic music and supporting a small group to produce some music for the YCP concert through the year.

What has been your most memorable musical/composing experience? 

In my second year at the conservatoire I was very lucky to be able to write the music for one of Birmingham School of Acting’s shows (Romeo and Juliet), which was great fun and I got to play around with lots of folk music.

What do you enjoy about composing? What do you find challenging?

I really enjoy the process of discovering a piece as I write it. Pieces never turn out exactly how I think they will when I start writing them, but I love finding out what the finished piece is like. Sometimes I’ll get stuck for ages on piece and it find it really challenging to find the approach or idea that solves the problem, though it’s really satisfying once I’ve solved it.

Minifact: I play in a Ceilidh Band

Past Guest Composers include: