Some thoughts from our young composers:

“I like the way that nothing is deemed as ‘bad’. It’s really great to be in an environment where you can compose whatever you like without fear of people not liking it. It’s nice to be able to work with students already at the Conservatoire, as they are really helpful at giving advice and feedback. It’s also nice to be able to socialize with students from other schools in the area.  I have learned so much already from the workshops. For instance, It was interesting to compose something in a group improvisation, and how, with little collaboration, we managed to come up with something that sounded really musically adventurous and dynamic. I also found the session on graphic scores very interesting, as I had not come across them before. I liked the alternative approach to composition that they provided, and it made me realize that composition does not have to be extremely rigid or structured at all times. The workshops have so far been very diverse, and so there has been something for everybody to enjoy. It’s great to work with those from all kinds of musical backgrounds, as it enlightens you into the diversity of music and composition.”


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