How did you start composing?

Meghan Owen – Composer:

meghan“I first got into composing at the start of secondary school, when I wrote a simple piece for the piano. Though it wasn’t very virtuosic or complex, I loved the feeling of creating a new musical work. I showed it to my piano teacher, who suggested that I send it to a composer. Fortunately, her dad was friends with Barrington Pheloung – the composer of the Inspector Morse music. I sent the piece to him, and he invited me down to Essex where I was able to have a tour of his studio and to watch some of his media compositions on his Logic software. This was a fantastic experience, and I was incredibly lucky to be able to have advice from Pheloung on further sessions. This inspired me to take up music for A-level, and to potentially pursue composition as a career. I am really interested in film and advert composition, and am currently working on a short animation for my A-level. I would love to develop my composition skills further and to try composing a variety of genres, as I have composed far too many ‘soppy’ piano pieces! The project has really helped to build my confidence so far, and has opened my eyes to many different types of compositions and composition methods.”


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