BBC Radio 3 Feature

Hello everyone!

I’m one of the young composer’s from last year’s project, and am writing to share my thoughts with you all on the fantastic experience I had today.

A week ago, Kirsty asked if I would be willing to be involved in a short feature / interview for BBC Radio 3 – to which I of course agreed. It was a chance to talk about a subject that we were all passionate about (and also to be broadcast on radio which is nerve wracking but very exciting nevertheless!) With the British Composer Awards in mind, myself along with Kirsty, Bobby and Esther discussed concepts such as the definition of new music, how contemporary music could be made more accessible, and whether the awards were encouraging or disparaging in terms of the public’s perception of the nominations to name but a few.

As always, Kirsty is wonderful at creating opportunities and encouraging young people’s interest in music. The discussion this afternoon was incredibly thought provoking as we touched upon issues that I had not previously considered. It was lovely to be able to voice our opinions to other people similarly interested in music, and willing to share their thoughts.

Make sure you listen out for the discussion in December some time!

Meghan Owen
1st Year music student – University of Manchester


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