Task Tuesday 1: Find Your Rhythm

Welcome to our new regular series, Task Tuesday! Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking an idea and finding out how to ‘go beyond it’ through short 5-min tasks. For those wanting to attend our Creative Weekend this will be a great opportunity to get a taste of what to expect, and for anyone else it will be fun way to get composing!

This week the focus is on using your surroundings to come up with an initial idea:

  • First, try and find something around you that makes a distinctive rhythm – it could be a washing machine, the sound of traffic, a conversation in the next room. Be as creative as you like!
  • Then, transcribe it (write it down) in any way you feel comfortable doing. Traditional notation, graphically or even using words are all fine, as long as you can remember the rhythm when you next come back to it. Alternatively, record yourself tapping the rhythm with your phone or a portable recorder.

That’s all for this task! Hold on to what you’ve come up with, you’ll need it for next week.

We’d love to see/hear what you’ve come up with, so send us your sketches and recordings!


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