Task Tuesday 3: Pitch!

Continuing on with our series of five minute tasks to get you composing, this week we’ll find some pitches to go with the rhythms we’ve already got. (If you’re only just joining us, you can check out the previous tasks here and here)

Just like we did with rhythm, this week we’re go going to generate some pitch material from the world around you. (And just as last time you’ll have to find a way that is comfortable for you to remember it – notation, graphics, recordings). There are lots of ways to do this, some obvious, some not. Here are a few place to get started:
– the most obvious, listen for a tune or melody
– listen for some ‘non-musical’ sounds (blender, car, birdsong) and work out, or approximate their pitch(es)
– create a way of mapping some other material into pitch (ie, someone’s name, the colours of a nice rug, the answers to your most recent maths homework)

As always, hold onto what you come up with so we can build on it for next time.

And don’t forget to sign up for our Creative Weekend!


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