YCPCW: What You’ll Need

It’s YCP Creative Weekend tomorrow and you’re super excited, but you just don’t have time to trawl through your emails to double check all the things we’ve asked you to bring! Never fear, here’s a handy checklist of everything you’ll need:

  • An instrument, if you have one – piano’s are gonna get crowded quickly, so even if you’re a beginner ocarina-ist or a complete novice on the mandolin, be sure to pack it!
  • An idea – This can be anything, a tune, a chord sequence, a shape, a graphic; go wild!
  • A laptop, if you normally use one to compose. Otherwise, don’t worry, we have you covered for pencils and paper!
  • Photo Permission Form (signed please!)
  • An open mind!

Phew, that’s a weight off your mind! See you all tomorrow evening!


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