Student Commission

Each year we offer a past YCP student a commission. This give them a chance to work with the Conservatoire musicians professionally and create a new work for ensemble. This year we have Dan from Solihull 6th from college writing a new work. The work will be performed at the YCP concert in 13th March 2016. Here is link to Dan’s soundcloud and a little about Dan:

“I’m Daniel, and I’m the commissioned composer for this year’s YCP. A lot of my music is based on the colourful combination of certain pitches, rather than creating “chords”. Also, I’m really interested in the human voice and the huge range of spoken and sung techniques that anyone with vocal cords can produce. This year, I hope to incorporate the recorded voice and manipulate a short phrase to create a much longer piece with a live ensemble and a deep-red and orange accompaniment.”

Here are a few pieces that have really influenced my music:

Meredith Monk, Dolmen Music

Steve Reich, It’s Gonna Rain

Julia Wolfe, Stronghold

Michael Gordon, Rushes

Béla Bartók, The Miraculous Mandarin

Claudio Monteverdi, Ah, dolente partita!

Iannis Xenakis, Nuits


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