YCP 2018-19 Plans

Well…what a year for YCP! We had the amazing opportunity to work with so many professional artists from a range of backgrounds and produced a pretty exciting and unique concert!


What can we possibly do to top it this year??

Do not fear as we have an idea! We feel this is the year to change things up a bit at YCP and do something we have never done before. With the inclusion this year of one of our students playing the Indian Tabla (which was amazing!), we feel it is time to explore the possibility of including non-western instruments into the YCP ensemble. This opens up a huge range of  new possibilities and material for composers to explore. More details will be announced once dates are confirmed!

Another areas we have wanted to explore is the possibility of doing a conducting branch of YCP. We are currently in the planning stage of this but if you might be interested give us a shout! birminghamyoungcomposers@gmail.com

We will be in touch again soon once we have our 2018-19 dates confirmed!


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