Where are they now? Isobel Thomas

Years you were on YCP?                                                                 2014- 2017. Commissioned 2018

Your favourite memory from YCP?                                               My favourite memory from YCP is from the first concert. I had never had a piece of mine performed in a concert; I found this was a massive personal achievement.

Where are you now?                                                                  Studying Music at the University of Huddersfield

What is your most proud achievement so far?           My proudest achievement has come from my second year at university. During this year, we were given the opportunity to start conducting. As a naturally shy person, I initially found this quite difficult, however, I am pleased with myself as I have overcome this and have found that I enjoy conducting.

What have you learnt about composing since leaving YCP?          I have found composition is incredibly objective and personal. It is fascinating to see how people interpret the same university assignment so differently to create many unique pieces.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

  • Don’t be scared to go wrong and make mistakes because that’s the only way you can learn.
  • Be more confident in yourself because you are able to achieve and do well.
  • Use your music to express yourself when words fail

Did YCP help you on your path?                                 ABSOLUTELY! I would say that YCP helped me realise what I wanted to do. Without the project, I would not have taken a higher interest in composing and may not be where I am today. Thanks to Kirsty and all of the mentors, my confidence has grown and for that, I am truly thankful.

What are you working on currently?                                                    I am about to start my final year at university, whilst also working on a range of small compositions and also arrangements of orchestral works.



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