Ask A Composer: Hannah Liu

Exciting news! We have a new series where we’ll be introducing you to composers in a variety of disciplines. On top of introducing you to their craft, as well as taking questions you may have on their musical journey, compositional tips and tricks…Whatever you might like to know!

Our first featured composer is Hannah Liu, a Taiwanese media composer who recently graduated from Berklee Valencia! She has experience in scoring for films, animations and games, as well as songwriting.

We asked her a couple of questions ahead of our Zoom video interview.

Where are you currently at in the world? I guess if in terms of work, it would be anywhere really (laugh). Physically, I am currently based at my hometown, Taichung, Taiwan

Why do you compose? Composition to me is a way of expressing, experimenting myself and I love music.

What are your goals as a composer? Continue to hopefully spread the magic to the world, explore and enjoy this ongoing journey.

What inspires you the most? I guess every surroundings really. It could be the scenery, objects, ambience, people, and cool music.

How do you normally start a piece? Where do you get your inspiration from? It depends on concert or film music as their creating process differs quite a bit to me. I would also say that I am an intuitive composer ever since I started creating.

What are you working on at the moment? I am working on some freelance stuff, mostly arrangements and indie produced video game music

What is your favourite aspect of a piece you’re enjoying at the moment? The moment that makes me chuckle every time listening to it.

What profession in the music industry are you aspiring to/ do you work in? I aim for media music composition as I invested more into it these days, but I am always open to any resources available to me at all times.

Can you provide a tip for young composers? Trust your gut instinct but always with an open mind and ears

What is something you must have on your desk while you’re composing? A nice cup of tea and biscuits, shortbread, cakes, scone… and sometimes bubble tea for therapy.


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