YCPCW Photo Story – Saturday

.................... Copy Me!

Here’s Part 2 of the YCPCW story!

Is Beethoven's 5th even any good?

Saturday morning kicked right off with the big questions: what is a composer? Are you a composer? A quick game of ‘On The Fence’ to wake up our early morning minds.

.................... Copy Me!

Our minds awake, it was time to wake up our bodies and ears with some musical games before splitting off into our groups.

Some of the film group were new to Macs, let along Logic!

First up, the film group were introduced to the films they worked with over the course of the weekend. All films were made by tutors Reuben Penny and Emily Wright, with brand new edits made specially for the course.

It's bigger than she is!

Meanwhile, the instrumental group were introduced to some weird and wonderful instruments! As well as the whole recorder family, there were a variety of saxophones, clarinets and a classical guitar.

Who's that handsome fella? Songwriting leader, Sam James!

Over in the the songwriting camp, students were sharing their favourite songs and discussing the very nature of what a song is!

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

Next, composer and YCP mentor Rob Crehan gave us all a crash course in western harmony.

Colour-coding is vital when presenting!

Just as important as composing is knowing how to make a living from it! Rosie (who runs festivals when she’s not being a YCP leader) led our composers in a discussion on portfolio careers and professional development.

Who's this Barry Part chap?

Composition time! Our young composers got their heads down and began writing their final pieces.

Check back again tomorrow for Sunday’s story!


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