YCPCW Photo Story – Sunday

Looks engrossing!

There was no easing into Sunday – our composers got stuck right in! Check out the third and final part of the YCPCW Photo Story (but not the end of the YCPCW Story-Story!)

Don't forget to press 'save' this time!

The film group had no choice but to start from scratch after losing all their work the day before! Remember, always press save!!!

Hey, actual notes!

Down the corridor with the instrumental group, our composers had loads of ideas overnight!

I propose to name this group EAR  (Emma-Amethyst-Rohit)

The beginnings of a band!

Octa-what now?

Harmony 2 tackled the much thornier topic of Messaien’s modes of limited transposition.

Looks engrossing!

By this point, the film group were on the home stretch!

Can you sound... more elephant-y?

Suddenly finding themselves with almost ten new pieces to learn, the instrumentalists got rehearsing (under the close watch of the composers of course!)

Hmm... Yeah... OK

Our youngest composer, Natalie, took the musicians through her piece.

Remember to click 'save' this time!

The film group, having learnt the importance of pressing save, get their final films ready!

Wind quartet o'clock!

Final rehearsals for the instrumental group now!

I still can't get this song out of my head!

Same for the songwriters!

Boys will be boys

That’s it! Watch this space though, because the final instalment of the YCPCW story comes in the form of a film of the concert!


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