YCP Full course and Media Course

Just a quick update on the courses for 2015-2016! Applications will be out shortly and the deadline for submission will be mid September to give you time to get back into school and prepare your applications.

The full course will start in October and will be once a month on a Sunday.

I am delighted to say that due to the success of the weekend, we will be doing an extra media group for up to 10 students (aged 14-18). This will include 2 sessions with the full YCP group on a Sunday as well twilight sessions on a Thursday. The course will run until December ending in a concert of the music you have created. Applications for the media course will be the same as for the full course.

If you have any questions about any of the courses get in touch: birminghamyoungcomposers@gmail.com

Don't forget to press 'save' this time! Who's this Barry Part chap?


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