Concert Review

College Concert Review
By S.G

On December 12th 2016 there was a concert at Solihull 6th form college and many performers performed in it so that they could have practice at performing in front of people in order for them to feel confident enough when it comes to the time of their recitals. The concert was performed to a high standard as all the performers were of grade 5 standard or above. The concert as a whole was executed perfectly as all the musicians were happy with their performances as they knew that nothing went terribly wrong. The music that was performed varied from classical-rock-pop. The variety of different music types made the concert more interesting as it would have just been boring if there was just one music style like classical music. Having the variety of music gave the audience a wide variety of music to listen to which intrigued their minds and allowed them to enjoy the evening. There was a variety of performers who played different instruments. A soul group, 2 flautists, 3 pianists, a trumpeter, 3 guitarists, 2 violinists, 2 singers, a flute quartet, choir and a string ensemble all played at the concert and a music technology group. As you can probably tell there was a variety of different talents throughout the night which meant that the night was entertaining as well as talented. The song choices from these performers were very intricate and very difficult to play.

Some of the pieces that were performed were ‘Et in Terra Pax’ ‘which was performed by the choir. The arrangement of this choir was well thought out and they looked and sounded professional. Another song that was performed was ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. This was performed by the flute quartet. This performance was a bit weakly performed. Some of the flautists were out of time at some points in the song and out of tune. However, this didn’t affect their performance as a whole as they executed it without stopping and they corrected there mistakes after they made them.

The last song that I will be talking about is ‘Come Together’. This was performed by music technology students who formed a band so that they could perform in the concert. However, they weren’t very well prepared for the concert. The guitarists made a lot of mistakes in their solos which meant that the song didn’t quite fit together. However, it wasn’t just the guitarists who were the problem, the singer was singing out of key and he was out of time as well. This was probably because they weren’t very experienced at performing and didn’t know how to rehearse songs properly.

Overall, the night was a success and most of the audience enjoyed the concert as they were watching performers who were performing songs to their best capability. However, some of the audience weren’t happy with the performances. They were complaining about the concert half way through as they were not happy with the set out of instrumentation that had occurred. This concert influenced me because it was my first real concert at the college and most of the college musicians were professional and they performed to a high standard which meant that most of the music was executed well and was really enjoyable.


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