YCP 2017 Update

Creative Weekend
Those of you at YCP may have realised that the building has been gradually knocked down around us! This means we have a brand new building from September. However, we have do not have a building to hold the YCP Creative Weekend. Unfortunately the YCP Team has made the decision to postpone the creative weekend this year as a result.

YCP 16-17 S02-28

Looking Forward
Here at YCP we are passionated about growing and developing what we do. Over the last four years we have worked with media music, large ensemble, choir, songwriting & more! For 2017-18 the team have come up with a fantastic idea that is completely new and never been done at YCP! Watch this space for more info…

YCP 16-17 S02-13Bye Chris
After two years studying a Masters in composition, Chris is heading back to the USA. Chris has been with us as a mentor at YCP and this year was a co-leader. Thank you Chris for all your Americanisms and enthusiasm over the last two years! We wish you the best of luck!



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