Natalie’s Story


Natalie started with us in 2016 for the ‘Creative Weekend – New Voices’ workshop where she composed and performed a moving song of hers. She then composed for large ensemble in ‘Mom Like Mine‘ in 2017 and this year worked with two dancers in the ‘ColLABoration’ concert. Natalie was always open minded, tried out new ideas and pushed herself at YCP. She will be starting studying music at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Well done Natalie! We are so proud of how you’ve developed and wish you all the luck for Wales!

Here is an interview she did for us about YCP:

1. Did YCP have a significant influence on your ability and decision to study music  at higher education?

Yes, YCP did have a significant influence on my ability and decision to study composition at a conservatoire as it has given me the confidence and the skills to compose music which enables me to communicate my thoughts and feelings to the audience. YCP has also given me the opportunity and experience to compose music to a set brief and have it performed live by talented musicians as well as having very high quality recordings of my compositions.

2. What did you feel you learnt from YCP?

YCP has taught me that there are no boundaries within composition and that imagination is one of the most important factors when composing. YCP has made me realise my love for composing and has taught me to face any challenges which I may find difficult as this will improve and broaden my knowledge and skills.

3. Did YCP change your perceptions of composers? 

There is a common misconception in music education particularly in secondary schools that compositions must tick boxes and fit certain criterias however YCP has shown me that anything is possible when it comes to composition. YCP has taught me to embrace all kinds of composition and has inspired me to go onto study composition as a degree and I look forward to having a future career in composing.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 19.43.114. What did you enjoy most about YCP? 

I enjoyed every part of YCP, from thinking of initial ideas to developing the sounds I hear in my head. A highlight however is watching the end product come to life in the final live performance after all the hard work. YCP offers such a fantastic opportunity as it constantly surrounds young composers with talented musicians.

5. How was YCP important to your career progression? Did it help influence any decision making

YCP definitely influenced my career progression as YCP exposed me to the life of a composition student at a conservatoire which inspired me to study composition at a conservatoire.


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