Andrew’s Story

Andrew was with us from quick an early stage of YCP starting with our first ever creative weekend event. Andrew joined us for the full course in 2016 and pushed our players abilities writing a complex and sophisticated piece: A Tale of ‘Woah!’. Andrew now studies composition at the Royal Collage of Music. Here is what he said about how YCP helped him:

1. What did you feel you learnt from YCP?

I learned a lot about the ins and outs of your common instruments, which was crucial in developing the way I wrote my music. I couldn’t just write for the computer anymore. Real considerations needed to be made for real instruments, a somewhat daunting but necessary aspect of composition.

2. Did YCP change your perceptions of composers? Or about studying/working as a composer?

YCP gave me an early insight into what studying at a conservatoire might be like (quite accurate now that I’m studying at one). After seeing and experiencing it at a younger age I knew that that was the path I wished to follow.

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3. What did you enjoy most about YCP? The people! (Also the biscuits) Were the mentor groups and 1-2-1 sessions helpful?

The mentoring from successful professional composers was fantastic, not that I knew who they were at the time. Judith Weir and Errollyn Wallen were the highlights, giving useful advice and discussing composing styles I had never heard of before.

4. Has YCP changed your thinking about composing?

The most dramatic influence would be on my score management. It became incredibly clear that the players were struggling with my notation and so I had to learn how to improve it quickly and effectively.

5. How was YCP important to your career progression?

YCP had a large influence on what further education I would decide upon. It was clear to me that a conservatoire would be the best option given the amount of things I learned in such a small space of time.


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