Where are they now? Dan Brennan

Years you were on YCP?                                                                          2014-2016

Your favourite memory from YCP?                                                Meeting all the other young composers and learning from them.

Where are you now?                                                                 Currently studying Modern Languages at Warwick University and just starting my year abroad in Germany.

What is your most proud achievement so far?                                  A massive joint concert at my university with lots of bands and orchestras playing in which I had my flute concerto performed, which had won a competition to be played in the concert. 

What have you learnt about composing since leaving YCP?    I’m much more comfortable using extended harmonies and techniques, and I’ve learnt that inspiration can come from anywhere and anything at any time.  

What advice would you give your younger self?                          Be bold and write outside of your comfort zone! 

Did YCP help you on your path?                                                      Yes – it gave me the confidence I needed to writer bigger and better things and got me in touch with people that could help further my music education. 

What are you working on currently?                                                 I’m writing a more modern style pop song with my friend – he’s writing the lyrics and I’m doing the music!


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