Where are they now? Issy Worrall

Years you were on YCP?                                                                          2015 as a student, commissioned in 2017 

Your favourite memory from YCP?                                                 The amazing feeling of conducting a piece from my musical in front of an audience and hearing the music be brought to life by such talented musicians. 

Where are you now?                                                                            I’ve just graduated with a music degree from the University of Birmingham and am now working in Operations at a recruitment company in Birmingham.

What is your most proud achievement so far?                        Getting a good degree after a succession of events in my home life made things at uni pretty challenging    

What have you learnt about composing since leaving YCP?         I’ve learnt how much can be achieved by branching out and trying new techniques and styles. My compositional style has changed a lot since I was at YCP!

Did YCP help you on your path?                                                           YCP helped to establish my love for composition. It also gave me confidence in my abilities which really benefitted me during my first year at university when completing the composition module seemed a daunting prospect.   

What are you working on currently?                                Progressing at work!  


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